Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Phoenix Landscaping Specials & Sales!

Phoenix Landscaping Specials & Sales!

Tired of those high summer water bills? We have the answer! This month we will be watersenseoffering sales onwater efficiency products to help save you money on your water bill while still keeping your grass and plants beautiful and green!

Rachio IRO Smart Irrigation Timer!!!

At AMS Landscaping we strive to lead the way in water efficiency irrigation products! The new wave is the Rachio IRO. A smart irrigation timer that can be operated FROM YOUR SMART PHONE! This controller is estimated to save you up to 30% on your irrigation bill and is EPA Water Sense Certified. Most cities are offering REBATES UP TO $300! 

(CLICK HERE to check with your local municipality for eligibility)

These Timers are AMAZING! Not only are they operated from your smartphone, they have many features such as a rain delay that shuts off your timer when it rains! The cost of these timers is regularly $650, however, this month we are offering 10% off this installation.

Water Efficiency Product Sales! 

As we increase water timing and frequency for the rising temperatures we will be offering drip system contollerspecial promotions for water efficient add-ons to your irrigation system up to 15% off these products. These products save you water and will usually give you a ROI within the first year! Some of these products include MP Rotator sprinkler nozzles, Smart controller add-on for your timer.

For more information about our specials and sales, please call AMS Landscaping at 602.944.0421.

Phoenix Landscaping Specials & Sales!