Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Phoenix Landscaping Specials & Sales!

Phoenix Landscaping Specials & Sales!

Tired of those high summer water bills? We have the answer! This month we will be watersenseoffering sales onwater efficiency products to help save you money on your water bill while still keeping your grass and plants beautiful and green!

Rachio IRO Smart Irrigation Timer!!!

At AMS Landscaping we strive to lead the way in water efficiency irrigation products! The new wave is the Rachio IRO. A smart irrigation timer that can be operated FROM YOUR SMART PHONE! This controller is estimated to save you up to 30% on your irrigation bill and is EPA Water Sense Certified. Most cities are offering REBATES UP TO $300! 

(CLICK HERE to check with your local municipality for eligibility)

These Timers are AMAZING! Not only are they operated from your smartphone, they have many features such as a rain delay that shuts off your timer when it rains! The cost of these timers is regularly $650, however, this month we are offering 10% off this installation.

Water Efficiency Product Sales! 

As we increase water timing and frequency for the rising temperatures we will be offering drip system contollerspecial promotions for water efficient add-ons to your irrigation system up to 15% off these products. These products save you water and will usually give you a ROI within the first year! Some of these products include MP Rotator sprinkler nozzles, Smart controller add-on for your timer.

For more information about our specials and sales, please call AMS Landscaping at 602.944.0421.

Phoenix Landscaping Specials & Sales!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Much more than trimming grass

When property owners consider their possibilities worrying affordable landscaping phoenix az must supply, more than grass mowing should come to mind. Although this job requires the best focus on a regular basis, it is merely one of a lot of support services that qualified landscape design providers supply. Plant trimming and appendage extraction, design possibilities within the outside of a house, as well as understanding of safety and security and also the tools that are going to be actually should finish a work are actually additionally services offered by means of affordable landscaping phoenix az professionals provide.

Plant service

Anytime that power saws are needed, there is actually constantly a threat of risk involved. Specialists not only obtain exclusive training, they additionally perform this job regularly. They possess not just found out the correct techniques, they have also acquired strategies that save the amount of time spent on the project. A daily house owner that functions a chainsaw now and then a year could not have the knowledge must take into consideration difficulties in the surrounding atmosphere. On arriving traffic, the next-door neighbors apartment, as well as stances of energy lines and electrical posts may be glanced over through someone that does unknown to seek them.

Design programs

One more benefit to selecting a professional is the practical experience they have can supply path to where a house owner may desire their lawn or even flower garden spot to go. This's one thing to have a picture in thoughts of a finished task, however recognizing the greatest way in order to get there could generate difficulties. A qualified landscaping contractors phoenix will certainly understand which item companies are most cost effective, which approaches will certainly save from losing time, as well as which strategies will definitely make the wanted outcomes. They also have knowledge of which plants as well as blossoms develop the greatest in particular ailments. They manage to develop the settings that could boost the size of a plant or even blossom's life, producing a much longer lasting attractive scenery to the beyond a home.

Keeping devices

Effective use and maintenance of landscape design devices could effect both the volume of time demanded within a venture, and also the safety of both the driver and the region they are functioning in. The frequency of exactly how often a specialist usages their tools may insure that it is in the correct circumstances to finish the work. As a result of the variety of the tasks pros have to do, they be relied on to constantly possess any tools or even devices that may be needed to have.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

What is the Recommended Frequency of Lawn Care Service?

What is the Recommended Frequency of Lawn Care Service

At AMS Landscaping we get this questions a lot: What is the recommended frequency of lawn care service?  The answer to that question really depends on you, the customer. Although when you have turf growing well it will need to be mowed either weekly or every two weeks. Many homeowners are doing away with turf and grass for low water use and low maintenance. With that said, many of our clients have no grass of any kind and to save on cost we recommend servicing the grounds and property every four weeks throughout the year for a flat monthly fee. This keeps the leaves picked up monthly and keeps the new plant and tree growth under control the entire year so there is no large cleanup needed. We also keep an eye on the irrigation system by adjusting it for more water in the Summer and less in the Winter months. We also recognize stressed plants and check for leaks that may occur between visits to your home or office. Some of our customer also like to just have a “will-call” service done as needed every 2­-3 months to cleanup and trim all plants and trees, cleanup all leaves, cut down and spray all weeds to leave a property completely groomed and looking clean from top to bottom leaving no shrub or tree untouched.

What is included in regular service?

AMS Landscaping has systemized our service program to maintain all customer in the same fashion as closely as possible to minimize inconsistency throughout the company. All properties maintained on a weekly, 2-week, or 4-week program are blocked off like this:

­-Trimming and grooming a section of plants and trees up to 8 feet in height each visit.

1. All plants and trees up to 8 feet, even if the tree is much tall we will keep it canopied up to 8 feet in order to walk under it with only a few exceptions (citrus or branches larger than 3” in diameter).

2. A section of the yard is usually focused on each visit, usually about 25-­35% of the plants and trees so that not every plant and/or tree is trimmed each service.

3. When plants or trees need cut back severely there can be additional fees if it’s more than the light grooming that leaves the shrub shaped naturally and left green in color.

4. Cactus and succulents are separate.

­-Cutting down and spraying all weeds with Glyphosate in non-­grass areas to kill weeds to the root.

1. Weeds usually take about 7 days to die to the root and will shrivel up and dissipate quickly and is more effective than pulling weeds with tools that do not remove all roots.

­-Blow and cleaning up all leaves and landscaping debris.

­-Mowing and edging all turf areas.

­-Raking high traffic areas and mower tracks.

­-Check and adjust the sprinkler/irrigation system for leaks or seasonal adjustment.

­-Haul away all landscaping debris created by the service.

1. Exceptions apply when large branches or trees fall and there is excessive debris to


If you would like for AMS Landscaping to start lawn care service, please call 602.944.0421 or click on the button below to request a free estimate.

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What is the Recommended Frequency of Lawn Care Service?

Best Time to Water Your Grass in Phoenix

best time to water your grass in phoenix

It’s no secret our Phoenix summers are hot.  Conserving water is always on our minds.  As a professional lawn care company, a common question we get asked is: When is the best time to water your grass in Phoenix?

Water your lawn early in the morning.  On a hot day, water can evaporate before it hits the ground.  If it’s a hot and windy day, the amount of water that hits your grass is even less.  Set your irrigation system to water your grass between 5:00am and 8:00am.  It’s still cool and the wind is usually calm.  Avoid watering your grass and other plants during the hot part of the day.  Your hose and ground water get very hot and it can damage the roots of your grass and plants.

Water your grass every three days.  Give your grass a deep watering to a depth of about 10 inches.  Use a long screwdriver or probe to check to see how moist the soil is.  If it’s dry you will feel resistance from the dry soil.  If it’s been raining, turn off your irrigation system to give your grass enough time to soak up the water.  For more convenience, call AMS Landscaping to install a rain sensor that automatically turns off your irrigation system when it rains.  These save water and money!

Test your sprinklers to make sure they are actually watering your grass and not your driveway.  To save a lot of water, test your sprinklers and adjust accordingly to make sure they are watering your lawn.  After you have properly aimed your sprinklers, try to avoid watering your grass until water begins to run off your lawn and into your driveway or street.  Water is being wasted and it doesn’t help your lawn.

For more information on lawn care tips or to inquire about our rain sensors, call AMS Landscaping or click on the button below.

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Best Time to Water Your Grass in Phoenix

Friday, May 15, 2015

How and When to Prune Rose Bushes in Phoenix

How and When to Prune Rose Bushes in Phoenix

Although rose bushes are soft and delicate, they are resilient and adapt to almost any weather condition without much lawn care maintenance.  However, if you live in Phoenix, AZ, you need to remember a few tips in mind when you prune your rose bushes.  Please watch my video below to learn how and when to prune rose bushes in Phoenix.


How and When to Prune Rose Bushes in Phoenix

Monday, May 11, 2015

How To Replace An Irrigation Valve

Most drip systems share many of the same functions from standard irrigation systems, however they have a much smaller scale in most cases.  Below are step-by-step instructions to learn how to replace an irrigation valve for your drip system.  If you need to make a lawn care service call, please call AMS Landscaping at 602.944.0421.

valve replacement step onevalve replacement step two







valve replacement step three

valve replacement step four

valve replacement step five

valve replacement step six

valve replacement step seven

valve replacement step eight

valve replacement step nine

valve replacement step ten

valve replacement step eleven

valve replacement step twelve

We hope you found our valve replacement instructions helpful.  Please call us at 602.944.0421 if you need additional help.

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How To Replace An Irrigation Valve

Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Best Time for Lawn Care Aeration and Overseeding

overseeding lawn and core aeration

Before you know it, our HOT Phoenix, AZ summer will be here.  The best time to aerate your lawn is late spring or early summer.  Call AMS Landscaping today!  We do not recommend aerating your grass during our hot summer months.  If you don’t have a chance to aerate your lawn now, make sure to schedule an appointment for fall aeration.  You want to try and aerate about four weeks prior to our overnight temperatures reaching near freezing.

Most, if not all, of our residential lawn care customers love the dark green look of their grass during the winter.  Due to the cooler temps, our lawns can be more appealing than during the summer.  The best time to overseed your lawn is in early October when the temperature is around 65 degrees or lower.  By overseeding, you will have a fuller lawn that is much more protected against bugs, disease and heavy foot traffic.  In the long run, a thicker lawn will reduce the amount of pesticides and fertilizers you need for a healthy grass lawn.  Saving you money!

Whether you are interested in core aeration or overseeding your lawn, you are always welcome to call AMS Landscaping at 602.944.0421 with questions.  Thank you!

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The Best Time for Lawn Care Aeration and Overseeding