Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May Lawn Care Specials for Phoenix!

Tired of those high summer water bills? We have the answer! This month we will be offering May Lawn Care Specials for Phoenix on water efficiency products to help save you money on your water bill while still keeping your grass and plants beautiful and green! Monsoon season is also coming up, rather than waiting until it is too late and having your yard flood, we are offering sales for those that wish to get a head start on drainage work before the monsoons hit!drip system contoller

Water Efficiency Product Sales! 

As we increase water timing and frequency for the rising temperatures we will be offering special promotions for water efficient add-ons to your irrigation system up to 15% OFF of these products. These products save you water and will usually give you a Return On Investment within the first year!  Some of these products include MP Rotator Sprinkler Nozzles, Smart Controller add-on for your timer.

Drainage Sales!

Before monsoon season arrives, get a head start and add drainage to any areas that collect drainage sale for yardwater on your property. Standing water can cause damage to the foundation of your home or block walls which can lead to costly repairs in the future. There are many different options for drainage such as the concealed French Drain or the astatically pleasing River Washes! This Month we are offering 10% OFF any drainage project over $500.

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May Lawn Care Specials for Phoenix!

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